When in comes to beauty many women think of hair removal.  Did you know that we offer premium waxing services at Nail Trix in Clifton Park, NY too?  We are happy to help you achieve your desired look by waxing brow, lip, chin, sideburns, underarms, full or half arm and full or half leg!

But you may be wondering, is there a benefit of waxing over just shaving at home?  The answer is yes!  There are a few benefits to waxing over shaving.  First of all, waxing will help you exfoliate.  When the wax is applied to the skin it is warm and it is allowed to cool therefore sticking to the hair and dead skin cells.  When the wax is removed so is the hair and dead skin giving you a smooth finish!

The hair will also take longer to grow back after waxing due to the fact that it removed at the root instead of cut off at the point that it grows.  When the hair is pulled from the root, it takes time for the follicle has to reproduce and new hair.  Sometimes the hair won't even grow back!  However, if it does grow back it is often thinner.  This is due to the fact that the hair follicle will "give up" growing new hairs!

We find that the best reason to choose waxing over shaving is that there is no skin irritation.  Every person who has ever shaved knows the dreaded red bumps left from razor burn or worse, cuts and nics from the razor itself.  Usually the redness associated with waxing will be gone by the time you leave the salon and you will not suffer any further irritation after that!

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We Offer The Following Waxing Services:



Eye Brows


Upper Lip






Full Face







Half $35  Full $55


Half $45 Full $60