CBD- Available at Nail Trix!
August 20, 2019


                    Going Green

Did you know that Nail Trix is one of the most Green salons in the Clifton Park area? Many of us may have had experiences with harsh, mystery chemicals. At Nail Trix, we like to know whats in the products we are using on our valued customers. We prefer to use the most natural products possible. Our cuticle softener is one of the products we use on a daily basis that is 100% organic. If you’ve ever experienced one of our relaxing pedicures, I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying an exfoliating sugar scrub treatment. Whether you chose lavender, lemon lime, or aloe vera, your sugar scrub was 100% organic!

Why is being green so important to us? As a reputable nail salon, we strive to give our customers the best services and products possible. For us, it’s not just about the cosmetic outcome, It’s about providing services that also have health benefits. For example, our new CBD manicure and pedicure services have helped many of our loyal customers with issues such as, psoriasis, eczema, aching muscles and joints and more conditions as well. In addition to this, we sell products that are green and 99.98% pure. Our CBD Bee Hemp line has many products that can help to improve your health in various ways!


The Nail Trix team invites you to come check it out! Let’s go green together!

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