Dreaming of  long, lush lashes or fuller, darker eyebrows? Achieve this aesthetic right here, in the Clifton Park, NY and it's surrounding area. Did you know that at Nail Trix we use the most natural and beneficial ingredients available in all of our products? The number one benefit is always going to be appearance, but convenience is also a huge benefit to these services! After all, no one enjoys having to constantly apply mascara, or  false, damaging lashes and tediously coloring in their eyebrows. We offer multiple services that will leave your natural eye lashes and eyebrows looking more effortlessly beautiful than ever! You can always improve upon the way you feel about yourself when you enhance the most prominent features of your face!

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*Please come prepared with a clean face, no makeup. We will charge an extra fee to remove your makeup for you.




Eyelash Lift & Tint


Eyelash Lift

An application of a semi-permanent dye, which darkens the color of your natural eye lashes. (Lasts up to 12 weeks.)


Eyelash Tint

An application of a semi-permanent dye, which darkens the color of your natural eye lashes.


Eyebrow Tint

An application of a semi-permanent dye, which enhances the color & shape of your natural eyebrows.


Eyebrow Henna

A henna application, which stains the skin & eyebrow hair to create depth and fullness to your natural eyebrows, creating a powder-filled in look.


Eyebrow Lamination


Eyelash Strip Application


Eyelash Extention (Classic Set)

Consists of one synthetic lash to one natural lash. Covering 90% of the lashes, they can only be as full as the amount of natural lashes you have.


Eyelash Extention (Hybrid Set)

This is a mixed set of classic and volume lashes - normally 50% classic and 50% volume. Hybrid gives the definition of classic with the added fullness of volume.


Eyelash Extention (Volume Set)

This set of lashes is the fullest set. Three to five synthetic lashes are bonded to one natural lash. This creates a fluffy look with maximum fullness.


Eyelash Extention (Mega Volume Set)


Classic Fill


Hybrid Fill


Volume Fill


Mega Volume Fill