When you find yourself in need of a manicure and you are in the Clifton Park, NY area, Nail Trix should be your relaxation destination!  

We offer a wide variety of color and services to suit all styles and needs.  We can help you with the classics like a french manicure to the latest trends.  A manicure is truly an investment in beauty for your hands.  We recognize that the treatment is actually applied to the nail but the entire hand gets the benefit.  This includes trimming your cuticle, filing the nails and applying oils or lotions to the hands and so much more.  All of these steps do help benefit your entire hand.  

Often we see many people who have chapped hands due to the harsh weather that we can sometimes experience.  Believe it or not, the weather can take a severe toll on your hands and it takes some pampering to restore moisture and revive the skin to it's natural state.  You will be surprised what a simple manicure can do in order to relax and restore the health of your hands.

Another often overlooked part of the hand is the nail.  To most, the health of the nail can be tricky.  And, really it is hard to say what is going on and what can be causing your nails to appear unhealthy if you are not maintaining them on a regular basis.  It can be anything from your diet to your overall health.  However, maintaining a regular manicure can go a long way to ensure that you are doing everything possible to keep your nails healthy and looking their absolute best!

No matter what your reason for seeking a manicure, come see the Nail Trix difference today in Clifton Park, NY!






Cut, shape, application and finished.


Soak Off


Nail Fix


Polish Change (hands)


Quick Manicure

Cut, file, trim cuticles and polish. Designs are optional and additional. Prices vary


Regular Manicure

Cut, file, trim cuticles, massage and polish.


Gel Manicure

Remove, cut, file, trim cuticles, gel application and paraffin dip. Designs are optional and additional. Prices vary


Spa Manicure

Cut, file, trim cuticles, sugar scrub of choice (lavender and camomile or lemon lime) and polish.


Deluxe Manicure

Cut, file, trim cuticles, sugar scrub of choice (lavender and camomile or lemon lime), cherry blossom cooling mask and polish.


Liquid Gel Fill


Liquid Gell Full Set


Mini Mani


Nail Art

Starts at $10

Acrylic Fill


Acrylic Full Set


Mid Summer Rose Manicure


Green Tea Manicure


NuSkin Manicure


CBD Manicure

Our CBD (Cannabidio, a compound found in the Cannabis plant) pedicure will help you to relax and de-stress. Soak in your choice of lavender, peppermint, jasmine, or ling ling CBD bath salts. After a nail trim, file , cuticle trim and buff. Then enjoy 3 relaxing CBD infused Massages (CBD infused sugar scrub massage, CBD infused lotion massage, and CBD infused cream massage.) Finish with polish color of your choice.


Regular Mani/Pedi