Summer is not the only time to be dreaming of your next pedicure in the Clifton Park, NY and surrounding area.  Did you know that there are benefits of getting a regular pedicure?  It goes far beyond just keeping color on your toes but also has health benefits.  You will reap these benefits to your foot health if you maintain regular (year round) pedicure appointments!  

The number one benefit is always going to be appearance.  Nobody enjoys feet that look untidy and let's face it, unkempt feet are feet that hurt and can cause problems that you never saw coming.  No matter the season, you can improve the way you feel about yourself when you look down and see beautiful well groomed feet.  Plus, maintaining that pedicure can ensure that no matter the occasion, you are ready for those sexy open toed shoes you have hiding in your closet just waiting for a special occasion to be worn!  Plus, your regular pedicure appointment will ensure that you avoid that dreaded dry skin and help you avoid the dreaded cracked heel!

A major and often underrated benefit of pedicures is the stimulation of blood and lymph flow.  You have lymph nodes in your legs that are situated behind the knee.  When you get a pedicure, we purposely massage your feet and legs to stimulate these nodes to release toxins that your body will then flush.  

If you are ready to treat your feet be sure that you book your appointment today!   




Polish Change

Trim, file and polish. Designs are optional and additional. Prices vary


Quick Pedicure

Cut, file, trim cuticles and polish.


Regular Pedicure

Cut, file, trim cuticles, foot scrub, massage and polish.


Gel Pedicure

Remove, cut, shape, trim cuticles, foot scrub, massage and gel application. Designs are optional and additional. Prices vary


Spa Pedicure

Cut, file, trim cuticles, callus treatment, sugar scrub of choice (lavender and camomile or lemon lime, massage and polish.


Deluxe Pedicure

Cut, file, trim cuticles, callus treatment, sugar scrub of choice (lavender and chamomile or lemon lime), cherry blossom cooling mask, massage and polish.


Green Tea Pedicure

Green tea bath soak, trim, shape, cuticle cleaning, callous removal, green tea sugar scrub, green tea ultra smooth moisturizer and finished with a relaxing green tea mask and hot towel wrap, polish.


Mid Summer Rose Pedicure

Regular pedicure with callous treatment, Mid Summer Rose bath petals, jojoba pedicure scrub, Mid Summer Rose hot oil sugar scrub, healing therapy massage lotion, collagen cream mask with hot towel wrap and finish with polish.


NuSkin Pedicure

Cut, file, trim cuticles, callus treatment, mineral blend foot bathe, fine natural bead foot scrub, callus prevention treatment, eucalyptus gel for tired calves, baobab butter creme moisturizer.


CBD Pedicure

Our CBD (Cannabidiol, a compound found in the Cannabis plant) pedicure will help you to relax and de-stress. Soak in your choice of lavender, peppermint, jasmine, or ling ling CBD bath salts. After a nail trim, file , cuticle trim, buff, callous treatment, enjoy 3 relaxing CBD infused Massages (CBD infused sugar scrub massage, CBD infused lotion massage, and CBD infused cream massage.) Finish with polish color of your choice.